Rabbit and Small Animals Food and Bedding

Rabbits are on the hop in our pet population as more and more pet owners adopt them. These pets typically live 10 years, but some survive for as long as 15, competing in longevity with their canine and feline buddies. Rabbits are fun, sociable animals that can be house trained. They eat fresh produce, hay, rabbit pellets or food.

At Paws & Claws, like you, we want what’s best for your rabbit. We provide superior hays such as Oxbow Western Timothy and Nature’s Gate Alfalfa. Hay provides necessary fiber, vitamins and minerals to your animal’s diet and assists your rabbit’s digestive system.

We sell natural pellets and rabbit food – Oxbow Bunny Basics/T, pellets for adult rabbits, and Kaylor of Colorado Sweet Harvest Rabbit Food. Bunny Basics/T is a Timothy hay-based pellet created with optimum protein level. Sweet Harvest Rabbit Food is a unique blend of pellets and other ingredients such as sun-cured Alfalfa hay, Vitamins A, D-3, E and B-23, whole wheat, barley, sunflower seeds, carrots, banana chips and peanuts.

For your small animals, we offer Carefresh Pet Bedding, made from reclaimed wood pulp waste, not recycled paper. This bedding is safe and healthy, controlling odors up to two times longer than traditional brands and absorbing up to three times its weight in liquid.

We have a variety of other products to help your rabbit and other small animals stay healthy and happy. These items range from Oxbow Papaya Tablets to an assortment of chews and toys. Stop in and see us at Paws & Claws. We’re not just about dogs and cats. We’re about so much more.

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