Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning

Provided by Waggin Smiles

3rd Sunday of the month
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At Waggin Smiles – our goal is to provide the highest quality alternative in dental cleaning for your pet’s teeth.  Pet owners who do not want to put their pet under general anesthesia for teeth cleanings now have a choice.  Our non-anesthetic teeth cleaning services eliminate the risks associated with anesthesia.  We do not use any type of anesthesia while cleaning your dog’s teeth.

A licensed veterinarian is on staff and supervises your pet throughout the teeth cleaning procedure.  Our dental cleanings will include checking for dental disease, lesions, broken teeth and tumors; and we will provide you with a Medical Record that will give you information on about your pet’s teeth.

Our rates are reasonable; and we make every effort to provide your pet with a positive and satisfactory non-anesthetic teeth cleaning experience.


After Teeth Cleaning


Before Teeth Cleaning


Having your dog’s teeth cleaned on a regular basis can improve your pet’s overall health. Regular teeth cleanings helps to prevent bad breath, plaque & tartar buildup, red or swollen gums and tooth loss.


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